Bra Size Calculator Inches

Every young woman who’s gotten to the age of puberty will at some point use bras. Especially because of their importance as regards women and their clothing.

Recent trends have suggested that you can go without bras, but that has proven to be an unsustainable model. Given how important bras are to your clothing as a female and ill-fitting bra as we all know are unbearable. 

It is important that you know your bra size and how to take your measurements so you can purchase one that fits perfectly.

What is a Bra Size Calculator?

A bra size calculator is a device that helps you calculate your bra size. All you have to do is to provide your band size and cup size and the calculator will give you your measurements.

Pretty easy, right? The thing about bras and bra measurements is that they come in different shapes and sizes.

They also differ in measurement from country to country. A 30B bra size in the United States might be higher or lower in The United Kingdom. This is why taking an accurate measure of your bra is vital.

Research has shown that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. 70% of these women wear bra sizes smaller than them while 10% wear sizes bigger than them.

Wearing the wrong bra size isn’t just bad for your posture and dressing, it is also bad for your health.

You can measure your bra size manually and you can use the calculator. Measuring your bra manually requires you to take measurements of your band and bust at its fullest. After which you measure your cup.

This is why the bra size calculator (inches) helps you calculate your bra size without a hassle. It helps you with all the complicated calculations you’ll have to make.

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How To Measure Bra Size Manually

Measuring your bra size is easy. Only if you know how to. There are a few tips and tricks to help you get the exact measurement and you’ll find them all here.

1. Measure your band size 

First off, you can take your bra measurement whether you’re putting on a bra or not. Either way is fine. I suggest that you go braless as any inconsistencies might alter your reading and defeat the aim.

I know measuring your band size sounds complicated and you’re about to log off. Well, I’ll explain. Your band size is the firm part of your bra that runs all around your body. That’s what we want to measure.

Run the tape around the top of your ribcage just below your breast preferably while braless. The tape should fit but it shouldn’t be too tight. It should be loose enough to make you comfortable and still grip you enough at the same time. Take the measurement and note it down on paper. 

If you have a decimal measurement, approximate it to the nearest whole number. If your measurement is an odd number then add 5 inches. If it turns out as an even number then add 4 inches. That is your band size. 

Here’s an instance; if your band size is 24 then 24+4=28 or if your band size is 25 then 25+5=30.

2. Measure your bust size 

Your bust size is also known as your cup size. This is the fullest part of your breast.

There are two ways that you can measure your bust size. While standing upright or while bent over to the front in an L shape.

The idea of bending over forward is so that you can measure your bust size as your breast is fully extended then other than when you’re standing upright.

Here, run the tape around the fullest part of your breast while standing or bending over forward.

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Every lady has one breast that is slightly bigger than the other. You should make sure you’re measuring it.

Ensure the tape isn’t too tight and it shouldn’t be too loose. It should give you a comfortable fitting. It’s not rocket science.

The tape should be balanced on your back and shouldn’t be unevenly placed at your back.

Take down the measurement you have on paper. Then to find your bust/cup size, subtract your band size from your bust size.

The number you get from the subtraction is your cup size.

Here’s an example: Band size=25, Bust Size=28. 28-25=3.

3. Determine your cup size 

When you do the math above and find the difference between your band size and bust size, then you can determine your cup size.

You determine your cup size with the answer from the subtraction you did above. If the difference between your bust size and cup size is 1, then your cup size is A.

If it is 2, then your cup size is B, if it is 3, then your cup size is C.

Difference between band and bust sizeCup size measurement 
Less than 1AA
6DDD (E in UK)
7DDDD (F in UK)
8G/H(FF in UK)
9I/J(G in UK)
10J(GG in UK)

The table helps you to see the range of sizes all at a glance. As you can see from the table, once your cup size is above 5 inches, the sizes begin to vary with the company and the country.

Not to worry, most brands have a sizing chart on the company’s website which you can use. Simply ensure that you have your band size and bust size correctly measured.

Tips and Tricks for getting accurate measurements 

Ensuring that your measurements are accurate is paramount to getting your right bra size. Tiny errors like the wrong posture, wrong measurement, and wrong calculations can cause your measurements to come out wrong.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you

  1. Before taking your bra measurements, you should be standing straight up. Don’t slouch or bend slightly when there’s no need to. While taking your band measurement, your tape should run around your body seamlessly.
  1. Your tape should not dig into any part of your body. It should be comfortable enough for you to slide two fingers around the tape and should fit you such that it doesn’t need any more support.
  1. When taking your band measurement, measure directly under your breast, not your stomach. Ensure that you measure across the fullest part of your breast while standing upright, for bust measurement.

How To Measure Your Bra Size Using The Calculator 

You probably don’t have all the time in the world for petty arithmetic, right? Well, we’ve got you covered.

With this bra size calculator (in inches), you can skip most of the measurements and arithmetics and still have your size properly measured. Take note that this Bra Size Calculator measures in inches.

Bra sizes vary from country to country, however, there are standard sizes you should look out for such as the UK size, the USA size, and others.

The calculator has the USA or UK option for your use. You can decide to use either of the two.

Measure your bust size first with the steps listed above and input it into the calculator. Next, measure your band size and input it into the calculator.

The calculator gives you your bra size immediately.

For example, if your band size is 29 and your bust size is 32. Then your bra size will appear as 29C.

This simply means that your band size is 29 and your cup is size C. With this in mind, you can go ahead and make the best choice of a bra.

Finding The Right Bra Size 

Finding the right bra size is key to absolute comfort in your dressing. With the right size in mind, finding the bra that fits best will be a walk in the park for you.

  1. Taking your bra measurements is necessary but it shouldn’t take the place of trying on your bra so as to find what fits best. This is because measurement errors are inevitable.
  1. Remember that cup size varies with band size. If you want to go for a larger band, reduce your cup size by one. Instead of 29C, go for 30B. If you’re going for a smaller band size, increase your cup size by 1. Instead of 29C go for 30D.
  1. Seek professional help. It’s okay if you still want to visit a professional for your bra measurement. Walk into any lingerie store around and the staff will be more than willing to help you find the right size for you.
  1. Your breast shape matters. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and so do our breasts. Some people have shallow breasts while others have pendulous breasts. Have this in mind and choose the bra that helps flatter your shape and dress the most.
  1. Consider the clothing and the occasion before choosing your bra. There are different bras for different occasions and it is ideal to consider the occasion at hand before choosing a bra. You should also consider your clothing. Will you be wearing a backless dress? Will you be wearing a handless dinner gown? Answering these questions helps you make the best choice there is.
  1. Take note of sister sizes. Sister sizes are bra sizes with a different band size but the same cup size. These sister sizes help you with various ranges to choose from when your measurement seems to be the wrong size.
  1. Ensure you use the right measurement on the calculator, preferably in inches. If you input your measurement wrongly on the calculator, it’ll be difficult to get the right result.

Common Bra Size Mistakes and Misconceptions 

Experience comes with continued usage but it seems that when it comes to women and their bra usage, it doesn’t apply.

This is obvious in the number of women who wear the wrong bra sizes around the world and who are plagued with back pain and all sorts of associated discomfort.

1. Wearing a white bra beneath a white dress 

Wearing a white bra beneath a white cloth makes your bra visible and is considered inelegant and offensive to some people.

The best bra hack for white dresses is to wear a nude-colored bra beneath. A nude-colored bra is a bra whose color is close to your skin tone.

2. Wearing a bra to sleep 

You might not want your breasts dangling around while you sleep however wearing a bra to sleep is unhealthy for you. 

It can cause backaches, chest pain, and difficulty in breathing if done continually. If you’re looking to put your breasts in place while you sleep, consider wearing a snug singlet before putting on your nightwear.

This is a comfortable option that is beneficial to your health as well. So, ensure you ditch your bras before sleeping.

3. Wearing a lace bra too often 

We get it, you always want to look hot in your lacy bra and that’s okay. However, lace bras do not offer as much comfort and breathability as cotton bras do.

So ensure to switch things up regularly. Wear your cotton bras often while you rock your lace bras occasionally.

4. Wearing a bra that is too tight or too loose for you 

A bra that is too loose will not give you the needed support. This leaves your breast tissue damaged.

A bra that is too tight leads to a host of other challenges and makes breathing difficult in some cases. 

Even the use of push-up bras should be reduced to the barest minimum. Love your breast size and shape and tailor your dressing appropriately.

32DD Bust in Inches

Women often search what the inches for 32DD would be. A 32DD bra is for someone who has a 36-37 inch bust and a 27-28 inch band size. If you wear a DD, your bust is 5 inches bigger than your chest.

Say Goodbye to Ill-Fitting Bras 

Wearing an ill-fitted bra is discomforting and so many women have no idea how to get the right sizes for themselves hence they keep making the same mistakes.

However, if you read through this article till now, you should have no challenge with finding the right fit.

Finding the right fit helps your clothing look better, makes you feel comfortable, and helps your body posture.

Taking your measurement manually is a good one, but it’ll do you good to use the calculator and you’re assured of a more accurate measurement.

Using the bra size calculator (in inches) should be your best bet with finding the right bra size. Before using the calculator, ensure your band and bust measurement has been taken accurately to avoid errors.

If you’ll still love to check out bra sizes, and different types of bras, we’ve got you covered.

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