Is Boob Tape Waterproof?

Not all boob tapes are waterproof.  Those designed to be waterproof should have clear indications on their packaging. 

However, the water resistance may also vary depending on the brand and material used.  

Cloth-based boob tape, often made of cotton or similar materials, is not inherently waterproof. So, when it is exposed to water or sweat, it can lose its adhesive properties and may become uncomfortable. This type of boob tape may not be the best choice if you plan to be wet. 

This is not to say cotton-based boob tape cannot be waterproof. 

On the other hand, some brands offer medical-grade boob tape which is specifically designed to withstand water or sweat.  

One of the best water-proof boob tapes brands is Brassybra. They have a couple of Boobtapes which are all water-roof. You can check their collection, click on the image below or the shop button.

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Tips for Using Waterproof Boob Tapes

Even with the best tapes, applying the boob tape wrongly can make it sensitive to your skin. While you don’t want such to happen;

Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before applying the tape. You don’t need to apply oils or moisturizers. 

Make use of nipple covers for sensitive areas. 

Apply strategically. Think about where you’ll be wearing your outfit and consider applying the tape in an area that won’t show. 

While applying, lift or hold your breast in the desired position. For stretchy tapes, do not exert force or stretch too much. 

Apply the tape smoothly and evenly for the best results. Avoid wrinkles or creases that might compromise its hold.

Before an important event, do a test run at home under conditions similar to what you expect. This ensures that you’re comfortable and confident in your chosen tape.

If there are given instructions on how to use the boob tape on the package, follow them strictly. 

Also, pay close attention to the removal instructions provided with the product. Gentle removal helps against skin irritation. 

After removing the tape, take care of your skin. You can consider moisturizing to keep your skin healthy.