Southwest Airline Pregnancy Policy

Southwest Airlines has been highly praised by customers for many things, and among its notable strengths is its dedication to passenger satisfaction. 

Among others are its friendly service, and commitment to making travel accessible. Its policies are also exceptional. But are they towards pregnancy? 

If you’ve ever wondered what Southwest Airlines’ pregnancy policy is like, see the details below.  

Southwest Airlines Pregnancy Policy 

Southwest Airlines understands that air travel is generally safe during pregnancy, but they acknowledge the potential for complications or premature labor in some cases. 

To guarantee the safety of expecting mothers and their unborn children, Southwest Airlines has established a clear and caring pregnancy policy. According to the airline’s official guidance, the following is a breakdown of their policy:

1. Speak with your Physician

If you’re pregnant and planning to fly with Southwest Airlines, it’s strongly advised that you consult with your physician before your journey. You can talk about your health, get advice based on your pregnancy, and find out if flying while pregnant is safe during this session.

2. Travel Beyond the 38th Week

Southwest Airlines recommends against air travel starting from the 38th week of pregnancy. This advice is in line with the later weeks of the third trimester, when difficulties or early labor may be more likely. It is paramount that you consider both your safety and your baby’s health during this time. However, Southwest Airlines did not give a strict rule that you can’t travel with them. If your doctor says you are strong enough to travel by air that week, then, you can go ahead. 

3. Emergency Exit Row Seating

Depending on your physical condition, strength, and agility, there may be cases where you are asked not to sit in the emergency exit row if you’re pregnant. This is due to the additional responsibilities and physical demands that emergency exit row seating may entail during an evacuation.

These are the general guidelines Southwest Airlines stated on their official page. For other presumptions that need to be cleared, see the subsequent sections. 

At What Trimester Does Southwest Airlines Allow Pregnant Women to Travel?

Southwest Airlines does not have a specific trimester restriction on pregnant women’s travel. You can fly with Southwest Airlines at any stage of your pregnancy. 

So, Does Southwest have Restrictions on Pregnancy?

No, Southwest Airlines does not have strict restrictions or impose any on pregnant women. Pregnant passengers are generally welcome to travel with the airline.

However, as shown in their policy, it is strongly recommended that pregnant passengers who have concerns or are in the later stages of pregnancy (usually beyond 38 weeks) should speak with their doctors before flying. Your doctor can then, based on your health, advise you on what to do. 

Will Southwest Airlines Request for Doctor’s Consent?

Southwest Airlines typically does not require passengers to provide a doctor’s consent or a medical certificate for pregnancy. But, carrying a note from your doctor will be a wise step, especially if you are in the later stages of pregnancy. 

Safety Guidelines Your Doctor Might Recommend When Traveling By Air

  1. Stay comfortable during the flight by wearing loose-fitting clothing. 
  2. Time your trip based on your pregnancy’s stage and health. Most doctors would advise you to avoid traveling close to your due date
  3. Select a comfortable seat.
  4. Consider travel insurance when your pregnancy is more than 20 weeks. 
  5. Drink a lot of water throughout the journey. 
  6. Prepare pillows, snacks, and other things that will make your journey comfortable. 

Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Be rest assured that you will be taken care of by Southwest Airlines while traveling. But, for further assistance or questions, you can speak to their customer service team. To speak with them, kindly find their contact details here