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In the joys of expecting a baby, there’s a chapter that’s all your own – the journey to your baby’s arrival. Documenting the moments and journey that lead to your baby’s arrival as an expecting mother can be thrilling and exciting. 

A lot happens during pregnancy and what makes it more thrilling is writing them out. The emotions, body changes, and baby development. 

We know a lot of mothers are interested in having their journey documented and if you’re one of them, get ready to capture those moments. We’ve made available a maternity and new baby journal you can use. And guess what, it is absolutely FREE! 

See a Quick Peek at What’s in the Journal Below

Use this journal to commemorate your milestones – from that unforgettable ultrasound to the first time you felt those tiny fluttering movements to after your little one is finally here.

A canvas for your emotions

This journal is your haven for expressing your feelings. Whether it’s the excitement of that first kick or the anxiety that sometimes accompanies pregnancy, there are areas made to document those special moments and your feelings generally per week. However, it isn’t just about your emotions and feelings, it’s also the progress of your pregnancy. And that’s why we have the next. 

Baby’s development

From the first heartbeat to those delicate little features taking shape, you can record the remarkable journey of your baby’s growth week by week. Amazing!!

Let’s not forget the appointments

Quite important right? Definitely! Baby appointments are during the journey. You shouldn’t miss any and the journal makes sure of that (well, it serves as a reminder). You are provided with spaces where you can detail your baby’s appointments including their dates and time. You can likewise write notes or questions you have for each appointment at the table provided, making it easy not to forget anything. 

Got other questions and thoughts? 

Oh, you could have them written down. This could be to inform your doctor later at your appointment or to take note. Whatever suits you. Spaces like this leave room to explore what you’re feeling at that particular week. 

You can have more

The journey doesn’t end at pregnancy, the journal includes a baby’s section that’s meant for the little one’s habits. This includes a sleeping log, a changing log, and more. While the sleeping log helps you record your baby’s sleeping patterns and durations, the changing log helps you keep track of your baby’s bowel movements. 

Much more? Of course, there’s more

There’s the wellness check-in space, breastfeeding log, and other content we’d like you to check out after downloading the journal. So, if you are looking for a keepsake and have your thoughts and journey in a journal, make sure to download it.

Cause it’s For You

This journal is more than just a book; it’s a gift to yourself. It’s a place to cherish your journey, bond with your baby before and after they arrive, and look back on this incredible time in years to come.

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