Where Can I Measure Body Fat?

While there are numerous methods and gadgets designed for in-home use, they often fall short. But where can you measure body fat in the USA? And what methods are available? See our recommendations below.

Where to Get My Body Fat Measured in the USA

1. Hospitals and Health Clinics

On the top of the list are hospitals and health clinics. That’s because when precision and accuracy are paramount in measuring body fat, health clinics, and hospitals step into the spotlight. These establishments can help figure out your body fat through different methods. They can make use of Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), which is highly accurate and provides detailed information. Also, the use of hydrostatic weighing, Bod pods, and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) are mostly available in medical settings. However, their accuracy can’t be compared to the DXA scans.  

2. Local Wellness Clinics and Nutritionists

Wellness clinics and nutritionists often offer body composition assessments as part of their services. They will also guide how you can maintain a healthy body fat percentage through diet and exercise. As an example, the U.S. Army Health Clinic in Stuttgart offers body fat measurement alongside general nutrition education among others. The Bod Pods method is common among nutritionists.

3. Fitness Centers and Gyms

Fitness centers and gyms have become more than just places to work up a sweat; they also offer body fat testing services. One common method employed at fitness centers is the use of skinfold calipers. These handheld devices measure the thickness of skinfolds at various sites on your body. The trained fitness professionals at these gyms are proficient at using these calipers to gauge your body fat percentage accurately. They target specific areas like the triceps, abdomen, subscapular, and thighs, and compound results based on your gender and age. 

4. University Research Studies

In some cases, universities and research institutions may conduct studies on body composition and offer free or low-cost body fat measurements to participants. You can see some of the research papers in the National Library of Medicine. This testing can be an opportunity to contribute to scientific research while you know your body composition. The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, for instance, once allowed free body fat tests in 2012.  But we do not advise you to wait until an opportunity arises. 

That’s why we’ve carried out our research and found places where you can measure body fat in the USA. To name a few, check out the next section. 

Places to Measure Body Fat in the USA

1. Body Fat USA, Denver, Colorado

The first is Body Fat USA. For those located in Denver, Colorado, this is for you. They are there to exclusively offer body fat measurements. One of the advantages of choosing Body Fat USA is that they use the  DEXA scan technology. This is a plus since this body fat measurement method is known for accuracy. One of the reviews said, “Overall, highly recommended BF USA and their dexa scan service!”.

For more information on Body Fat USA, visit their page here

2. Body Fat Test Colorado

Here’s a Health consultant in Broomfield, Colorado you can visit for your measurement- Body Fat Test Colorado. This is your local resource for accurate body composition assessments. Located in the beautiful town of Broomfield, this establishment specializes in providing individuals with a detailed analysis of their body fat percentages by using the hydrostatic weighing method. Apart from the test, they also coach individuals on nutrition. So, you are in for a treat. 

3. UC Davis Health, California

UC Davis Health is a prominent institution located in Sacramento, California. This healthcare offers diverse services including precise body composition assessments. UC Davis Health employs the DEXA scans method for analysis and as you know this method is highly accurate. So, if you’re in California and seeking a reliable and comprehensive body fat assessment, UC Davis Health is a reputable choice.

You can check out their page through this link: https://health.ucdavis.edu/about/

4. Cenegenics Denver

Nestled in the vibrant community of Greenwood Village, Colorado, Cenegenics Denver is a medical center that specializes in different medical services among which is body fat testing. This center uses the DEXA scan technology. So, if you’re in Denver, here’s another option you can opt for. 

One of the reviews spoke about their service and said ” Because of my size and low weight, I always believed I was”healthy “. This changed when I had a thorough evaluation with the team at Cenegenics Denver. The combination of lab work, scans, testing, and consults revealed that was anything BUT healthy…” “I am optimistic about my future with Cenegenics and look forward to a long and healthy lifestyle that I can enjoy with my family and new grandchild on the way!”.

5. Willamette University, Oregon

At Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, you have more than just academics at your fingertips. This campus offers different services including body fat testing. 

Willamette University uses the Bod Pod method to ensure accurate measurement. Their experts also give you a breakdown of your results and guide you on nutrition choices.  If you’re in Salem or nearby areas, Willamette University is your welcoming center. 

For more details and instructions on what to do before taking the test, kindly visit their page, right here.  

Final Words

We have looked into a few options of healthcare providers and wellness facilities in our attempt to identify some of the finest spots for your body fat measurements across different places. Still, there are quite several cities we didn’t mention. 

However, we hope the various options and organizations listed above can be a guide for you when seeking out a place to measure your body fat. Ultimately, the choice of where, what method of measurement, and place depends on you, your preference, and your goals.