Breast Size Calculator If I Was a Woman

Being a Woman comes with a lot of unique and precious experiences that only a woman can have. Some of these feelings are those of beauty and sexuality. A man can not really imagine how charming a woman feels, especially with her sexual organs.

Many men have fantasized, wishing to enjoy the grace and charm that accompanies being a woman but that never happens. After all, that is what makes women, women.

Thankfully, men can hypothetically predict what their breast size would be if they were women, with the help of this ‘Breast Size Calculator if I was a Woman’.

How Does the Calculator Work?

We must, first of all, emphasize that breast size is determined by various factors like Genetics, Height, Weight, BMI, Age, etc. Predicting a breast size without having all of this information is quite difficult and may most likely not generate an accurate result. More so, a woman’s breast size cannot be easily predicted because every woman is unique.

How much more difficult would it be to estimate the breast size of a man assuming he was a woman?

This means that the result of the calculator is just a hypothesis and cannot be used for serious purposes.

First Section of the Breast Size Calculator If I Was a Woman

Research shows that breast weight is usually about 3.5% of the total weight of body fat.

Assuming this is true, the first step in projecting the breast size is to calculate the weight of the body fat.

There are some accurate methods of calculating body fat which include Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA Scan), Air Displacement Plethysmography, and Hydrostatic Weighing.

Aside from this, there are formulas that were developed to help with this even though not as accurate as the methods mentioned earlier. Many formulas have been developed but the most popular ones are the US Navy formula and the BMI formula.

BMI Method

BMI estimates body fat using weight and height. Weight (kg) divided by height squared (m) yields the BMI. It indicates body fat levels by comparing the result to a range of values. It is commonly used to screen for overweight or obesity risks in medical settings.

However, it has some limitations as it does not take into account factors such as muscle mass, bone density, and distribution of body fat.

High muscle mass can increase BMI, which may overestimate body fat. Older adults with the same BMI may have higher body fat due to aging changes. Therefore, BMI should be used alongside other measures such as body fat percentage, waist circumference, and overall health status for a more accurate assessment of body composition and health risks.

The US Navy Method

Hodgdon and Beckett (1984) developed the U.S. Navy equations at the Naval Health Research Center based on a large sample of Navy personnel that was not stratified according to Navy demographics.

The equation has proven to be more accurate than the BMI formula.

We have employed the US Navy Method for this calculator.

Measurements used for the US Navy Method of Body Fat Calculation

Note that the calculator accommodates both imperial and metric units of measurement. There is a switch at the top of the page for that.

  1. Age
  2. Height
  3. Neck Circumference
  4. Waist Circumference
  5. Weight
  6. Hip Circumference
Men Don’t have Hips as Women Do

Would it be safe to say ‘Women have hips and men have hip bones’? Lol.

Evidently, women’s hips are always more fleshly than that of men. So, to make the calculator as realistic as possible, we automated the hip size measurement. Although, the hip size can still be adjusted either upwards or downwards.

How do we suggest a hip size?

We used the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which involved the measurement of the hips of 8,068 females. The data found a correlation between women’s age and hip sizes.

For this calculator, we assume that you are a woman of the age you have entered and suggest a hip size based on that.

You can play around with the numbers to see what the calculator comes up with, but you cannot go less than 10 numbers from the suggested number or 10 times higher.

Second Section of the Breast Size Calculator If I Was a Woman

After successfully calculating the percentage of Body Mass Fat in the previous section, this section finds out the Body Mass Fat (in kg or lb) and deducts the breast weight from it.

The percentage of the breasts from the body mass is an estimation set at 3.5% based on research. Of course, this percentage can be adjusted downwards or upwards.

Third Section of the Breast Size Calculator If I Was a Woman

At this stage, 2 calculations are carried out.


is to determine the cup size. For this, we used data from a survey that involved more than 5, 500 women from all over the world. This data collated women’s cup sizes, band sizes, breast weight, height, and BMI. From this, we found out the average breast weight for each cup size and that is what guides us in estimating a cup size. Predicting cup sizes by average breast weight may not be accurate for women, but this is just an estimation for men, after all.


we calculate the band size.

The band size is simply an approximation of the man’s chest width.

After that, the calculator returns a final breast size with both cup size and band size.

Why will Men want to know what breast size they will have if there were women?

We don’t have a definite answer to this.

There could be a couple of reasons.

It could just be some imaginative explorations.

It could be for the fun of it.

And that is exactly why we created this ‘Breast Size Calculator If I Was a Woman’ – for the fun of it!

This is not a medical tool.

The results are not to be used as a medical or anatomical prescription.

Thank you for reading this far.