How Long to Get Over a Breakup Calculator

How long it takes to get over a breakup has been a subject of debate for decades. Heartbreaks are painful and it will be comforting to at least have an estimated date when all of the pain will be gone.

But is there an accurate formula that can help you determine the date?

Let’s find out.

Several researches have been conducted to find out how long it takes to get over a breakup, interestingly, the 3 popularly accepted figures are not in any way similar.

First Theory – 3 Months

A 2007 study suggests that after a breakup, most people start feeling better about three months after. This study surveyed 155 college peeps who had gone through breakups in the last six months and found that about 71% of them started feeling way better around the 11-week mark, which is three months or so.

Going by the experiences of some people who have had breakups, this is not always true, in fact, some don’t ever get over the breakups.

Secondly, the experience of 155 college students is not enough to substantiate a fact for billions of people all around the world.

The other theory pegs the recovery time to a higher duration.

Second Theory – 6 Months

According to a survey conducted in 2017 with around 2,000 participants, the duration it takes to get over a breakup is estimated to be around six months.

This should be closer to accurate because the survey had 2,000 participants which is far more than the 155 participants the 3 Months Theory Study had.

One of the limitations of such studies is that it is subject to the sincerity of the participants. People naturally tend to overestimate their strengths, so chances are that the period they need may be far more than the 6-month average time the respondents of this survey had claimed.

Third Theory – half the time you dated

This theory states that getting over a breakup takes about half the time you spent in the relationship before the breakup, so if you dated for 6 months, it will take you 3 months to get over the breakup.

This assertion is weak in many ways. Some guys have fallen deeply in love with their female friends long before they started a relationship officially. In this case, when will the half-time divide fall on? The guy was already in a relationship kind of, before the girl is even asked out.

Again, how can these be proven to be universal?

There are 100s of factors and conditions that surround each relationship.

So, back to the question ‘Is there an accurate formula for recovering from a breakup?’

No, but Yes.

There is no single formula that can work for every human, but everyone has a formula that is specific to them that will work for them.

The formula that works for everyone is only decided by each person.

No one apart from you can tell you when you would recover.

That is why this calculator was created.

To guide you in finding out an optimal time when you should get over a breakup.

We are not going to impose a time on you. We will only give you an estimate based on the inputs you have made.

So let’s talk more about this ‘How Long to Get Over a Breakup Calculator’.

Why was the ‘How Long to Get Over a Breakup Calculator’ created?

1. The calculator was created to help you figure out a time when you can get over your breakup.

2. The dates are not cast in stone, they are estimates based on the data you submit.

3. The calculator was created to give you a target that you can work with in getting over your breakup.

4. The calculator presents the worst-case scenario. We don’t want you under pressure. The dates suggested as far as they can be and as good as they can be. Giving you enough time to get over the breakup, one day at a time.

5. The calculator also gives you more information like, when you started dating, how long it is after your breakup etc.

How did we create the Algorithm for the ‘How Long to Get Over a Breakup Calculator’?

As explained earlier, putting a formula to this is almost impossible, at least for now.

This is because of the many conditions in which breakups take place and the fact that emotions are major factors.

However, we managed to create something simple that can work for virtually everyone as a guide.

We are stating it clearly that the dates are estimates and not in any way accurate, but we made them as perfect as they can be considering all the information you gave us.

The most important factor is the duration you set

The date we suggest to you is largely dependent on the duration you enter in the ‘How long more do you think it will take you to get over the breakup?’ section.

We take this date and add some days to it based on the degree of love you had for your partner.

We worked partly with the theory that says it takes about half the time you dated to get over the breakup and took it higher.

For some people, it will take the time they suggest plus the amount of time they dated, while others will have less.

Whether someone will have fewer or more days is determined by the quality of love they had for their partner.

The algorithm is a bit more complicated than this but this is the basic framework.

How to use the ‘How long more do you think it will take you to get over the breakup?’ Calculator

First, this calculator doesn’t have a ‘calculate’ button.

Just enter your information and the calculator updates the dates in real time.

Make sure to be as sincere as possible. Wrong inputs will yield wrong results.

Note that this calculator is not a psychological tool, a psychologist, or a medical tool. All of the results are not psychological or medical pieces of advice. It is at best an educational and inspirational tool.

Use it for goal setting and as a motivator

Even if the result presented to you is not as realistic as you want, try to work with the date.

Look for resources that can help you get over your breakup and set the date the calculator presented as a target. If you’re a woman, you can start by checking out our Woman Worth Calculator.

The date in the result is both a reference point and a starting point for your journey to freedom from heartbreak.

You’re free to re-test

The calculator is free to use as many times as you want.

You can enter any data you want until you find a date that you can work with.

You’re also free to share it with as many as you think it may help.

We love you!

This calculator took a lot of work to make. A lot of hours, a lot of reading and studies.

Our goal was not to break the jinx and finally make a formula that works for forecasting time to heal from a breakup.

We did it because we love you and we want you to be free from heartbreak.

Our desire is for you to at least have a date you can work with.

We trust you, we know that when you determine to get over and put your heart towards a date, you will definitely work it out.

We’re rooting for you, and looking forward to seeing you happy again.