Same Day Last Year Calculator

Do you want to compare today’s sales with that of last year’s? Or revisit this same day last year due to one thing or another? Maybe you celebrated an anniversary, or you simply want to figure something out that happened on this day last year. 

Whatever it is, if you wish to revisit this day one year ago, the same day last year calculator can help you with just that- revisit today’s date last year. 

In this post, let’s consider what the ‘same day last year’s calculator’ is, how you can make use of it, and everything you need to know about the calculator. 

What is the Same Day Last Year Calculator?

The ‘same day last year calculator’ is a convenient tool designed to help you figure out what today was last year. It becomes an instrument to help you track your personal history and explore what you want to find out.  Using just today’s date, the calculator goes back in time to the same date of last year and offers you the day and date you need. 

Do know that there might be a difference in the day of the week. This means, what the calculator does is to find out the day using the date. The same date will likely bring a change to the day due to the calendar and how it works generally. 

More clearly, the calculator answers the question, what was today last year? 

How does the calculator figure this out? Take a look in the next section. 

How Does the Same Day Last Year Calculator Work?

The calculator uses the calendar and an easy mathematical formula. It simply finds out the same day that matches today’s date last year. For instance, if today is the 18th of September, 2023, the formula used predicts the 18th of September, 2022.   

Here’s how the calculation works:

  • The calculator subtracts one year from the year of the target date while keeping the month and day unchanged. 
  • It also makes use of the calendar to figure out what day today fell under last year. 

An example:

Sunday, September 17, 2023, last year was Saturday, September 17, 2022.

How to Use the Same Day Last Year Calculator

This tool does not require anything on your part. 

Step 1

Simply go to the top of the post where the calculator is. 

Step 2

The calculator already inputs today’s date automatically so no need to edit it. 

Step 3

You should see the result just below today’s date. It should be in this format: the day of the week, date, month, and year.  

And that’s it! 

Key Takeaways 

  • The calculator produces accurate results irrespective of leap years. 
  • The calculator relieves you of the stress of going through the hassle of trying to figure out what today was last year.
  • The calculator helps you to easily reflect and remember. 

So, why not give it a try?

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