Is it okay to get came in while pregnant?

Yes! It is.

As long as your physician hasn’t told you to refrain from sex during pregnancy because of health reasons, you can go ahead with your rump in between the sheets.

Let’s Dive in,

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’re interested in the concept of sex and all that it entails. We all wear masks of pious disinterest at times, largely due to some unfortunate and misguided conditioning we endured from generations prior, imparting within us that sex (the vehicle by which we all arrive in town), is somehow creepy. 

What’s more, many folks (even those who generally don’t think sex is creepy), believe that sex – during pregnancy – is super-creepy. Well, if I may. Let’s talk about the creepy subject of sex during pregnancy. We’ll spend a few minutes debunking myths, answering questions, and of course, pitching in a few shocking truths here and there.

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy? 

Yes, we agree that pregnancy and conception are a blessing, however, morning sickness, nausea, edema, frequent urination, a body that barely fits into your favorite clothes anymore, and the overall discomfort that comes with pregnancy is a heavy load to carry. With that amount of discomfort, sex during pregnancy is probably the last thing on your mind, if it is at all.

You’re probably worried about your safety, comfort, and that of your baby once pregnancy sex is mentioned. Your concerns aren’t extreme. Most women have the same question.

Sex during pregnancy is not uncommon even though It’s one of those things that we don’t get to hear often. Unless you’ve decided to refrain from sex for personal reasons, pregnancy sex is okay and doesn’t harm you or your baby in any way if you do it right.

Don’t worry, your baby won’t hear all the awkward sex talks and movements If you’re worried about that. Furthermore, the baby is protected by strong uterine muscles, amniotic fluid, and the sac which makes pregnancy sex safe. 

When is The Best Time to Have Pregnancy Sex? 

Pregnancy Sex isn’t restricted to any trimester of the pregnancy. You can engage in sex with your partner all through your pregnancy period even until the ninth month. As long as you’re comfortable and your partner consents to it, you can go all the way.

Certain studies have shown that pregnancy sex is best during the second trimester because then, your morning sickness and nausea are reduced, you look all curvier, and the bump is yet to fully develop which gives you plenty of room for sex.

You should endeavor to involve your physician all the way. Once anything feels wrong or doesn’t go as planned, ensure you reach out to your physician and keep in touch.

Ideal Positions for Pregnancy Sex 

Most sex positions are safe when it comes to pregnancy sex, however, most couples, especially first-time couples, have lots of questions as to how exactly they should do it. Here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Sex from behind
  2. You on top
  3. Reverse cowgirl
  4. Seated pregnancy sex
  5. Side-by-side sex
  6. Standing sex

These positions are safe for you and whether you’re a first-time couple or masters in this game, you can try out these different styles. During pregnancy, finding the style that offers both of you maximum comfort is key.

Ensure you’re open to sexual communication to know what works for you and your partner. The aim is to find pleasure and satisfaction. Pregnancy notwithstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can pregnancy sex cause miscarriage?

We understand that most couples have this fear and as such, we’re tackling it first. Sex during pregnancy doesn’t lead to a miscarriage. A miscarriage is often a result of a baby failing to develop as it should. Pregnancy Sex doesn’t result in miscarriage.

2. Does pregnancy cause an increase in libido?

Pregnancy comes with many things; the good, the bad, and the better. Increased libido also tops the list as one of the things that arrive with the baby bump. Some women record increased orgasms during pregnancy, get wet more often, and have increased energy during pregnancy. So much for being pregnant, right?

3. Can sex during pregnancy result in complications?

Some couples get worried that the penis might touch the baby during sex and result in complications, however, that is far from the truth. The penis cannot reach the baby because the baby is securely protected by fluids and structures in the uterus. 

Some people have experienced the movement of the uterus during pregnancy and they’ve been worried, but that’s it. It’s quite common for the uterus to move during penetration.

Complications can only occur if a couple went ahead to have sex against the advice of their physician and hence aggravates an issue that was already on ground. While at it if you notice bleeding, painful sex, and any questionable situation, ensure to contact your doctor. 

4. Can a woman get pregnant again if she has sex during pregnancy?

Scientifically, a woman can’t get pregnant again when she’s already pregnant. When a woman is pregnant, her body halts its normal processes like menstruation and ovulation. It begins to prepare itself for the arrival of the new baby.

When ovulation doesn’t occur, conception is impossible, and as such sex during pregnancy doesn’t result in another pregnancy. There have been cases when such situations have occurred. Such situations rarely happen if they ever occur so chances are very slim that you’ll end up as the rule breaker.

5. Can different positions affect the sex of my baby? 

Your positions during sex do not affect the sex of your baby in any way. The main things that affect the sex of your baby are your nutrition and the sex gametes that are involved in the process of reproduction. So whether you’re high up or down below, your baby’s sex remains the same.

6. Should pregnancy sex hurt or cause bleeding?

Sex shouldn’t pregnancy shouldn’t hurt. Some women experience cervical irritation due to body changes and as such, mild spotting might occur when you wipe, however, that should be it.

Anything more than that should make you reach for your doctor.

Advantages of getting come in when Pregnant

1. Emotional Relief

Sexual Intercourse has proven to be one of the best tension-easing activities. A pregnant woman deals with a lot of stress. Physical Stress, mental stress, anxiety, questions about the health of the child, and questions about child delivery are a few of the things she worries about.

Having a moment to ignore all of that and indulge in intimate sex strengthens the woman and gives her some strength to carry on.

Biologically, oxytocin is said to be released during sexual intercourse. This same hormone is one of the happy hormones. So, maybe we can say sex is a shortcut to happiness while pregnant, especially when you do it with someone you love.

2. Feeling Loved

Sex makes you feel loved.

Sexual intercourse increases the bond between 2 people, and both of them feel more love for each other. Well, we may not say that at all times but for a pregnant woman, it definitely means a lot.

Pregnancy is usually a phase where a woman is insecure about her body. Especially with all the myriads of changes in her body.

Questions like:

  • Am I still beautiful?
  • Do my breasts still look perfect?
  • How will my vagina be after childbirth, especially if I have a tear?

take their turn to but the mind of pregnant women.

But a show of physical attention to her at the time proves to her that she is not just loved because she is carrying a new life, but her body is loved as well.

A man should go into his pregnant wife as much as possible and a pregnant woman should get came in as much as she can receive.

3. Preparation for the Baby

While pregnant, a woman and her partner are supposed to work together as much as possible in:

  1. preparing the items the baby will use
  2. preparing for the delivery day
  3. preparing the name of the baby
  4. and other preparations.

Having sexual intercourse increases the bonding between the man and woman. This leads to more cooperation and more time spent together to discuss, agree together, and talk about the new coming miracle.

The baby will benefit immensely from all of this.

4. Time and attention

Sex takes time.

Even if it is the legendary 60 seconds sexual intercourse. 🙂

The more sex a woman has the more time she gets from her partner. Isn’t that true?

With this, both partners learn to stay together and create family moments.

Those family moments will be the foundation on which the life of the new child will be formed.

Myths about getting came in while pregnant

1. The man’s penis helps the vagina expand


How big can a man’s organ get?

The head of a newborn child is far bigger than any man’s private organ.

So that is not true.

Truly the vagina stretches during sex, but hey! It’s elastic. It goes back to its original size after sex.

2. Sperm affects the baby in the womb

False! the sperm released during sex doesn’t get into the womb.

It cannot penetrate the womb, it will most likely pass out through the vagina after a while.

The baby is protected by different layers of tissues.

Pregnancy Sex; Your License to go all the way.

Sexual satisfaction is a big thing for intentional couples and we’re sure you’re excited about the fact that pregnancy doesn’t come in the way of your sexual intimacy. Blissful, isn’t it?

The key to making the most of your sexual experiences during pregnancy is to ensure your partner is comfortable as well as yourself. Ensure you communicate, and know when to take a break, when to visit a doctor, and when to apply caution.