Pregnant, When am I Due? Calculators

Are you just getting started on your pregnancy journey? Congratulations by the way!  Do not feel lonely, or bothered by your due date, we are here to help solve that. 

The “When am I Due” pregnancy calculator helps and suggests three weeks specifically when you can deliver your baby due to your current week and stage. This means, pregnancies are calculated in weeks and there is no specific date or time for you to deliver. 

This is because it’s been said that only 4% of babies are delivered on their actual estimated due date. That’s why, our calculator offers ranges of three weeks which are the 39th, 40th, and 41st weeks. 

You can also put into consideration that your baby can be delivered between 37- 42 weeks of the pregnancy. That being said, let’s get into it. 

I am 2 weeks pregnant when am I due?

The first stage available on the due date calculator is the first and second week of your pregnancy journey which falls under your first trimester. 

At this stage, medical professionals believe you are not yet pregnant which is true as your body is getting set and preparing to fertilize. 

The first week is the week of your menstruation. That’s why most times, pregnancies are calculated from your LMP (last menstrual period)

The second week is your ovulation week which is 14 days after your menstrual cycle for a 28-day cycle. This is when your ovaries release an egg that can be fertilized by sperm and the thickening of your uterine lining. 

At this point, there’s no baby yet just eggs ready to be fertilized but it’s possible to notice you are pregnant due to the changes that occur to your body (this differs for all women) and that’s where our calculator comes in handy. 

The calculator simply determines your estimated due dates according to the day you visited the site. Quite easy!

I am 3 weeks pregnant when am I due?

After the preparation and fertilization, conception finally takes place in the third week. The fertilized egg develops into an embryo and it begins to form. You’re now pregnant. It is good to note the things you are to eat and take good care of your health at this stage. You can also prepare ahead for delivery by checking your due date right under this section. 

I am 4 weeks pregnant when am I due?

Here’s the start of bloating, cramping, feeling nauseous, and early pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms differ from woman to woman however the ones mentioned are the most common. 

At week four, it’s easier to determine when your conception took place which is usually two weeks before. Why is that? Our answer will be below this article. 

I am 5 weeks pregnant when am I due?

It’s officially the second month! The baby is developing significantly at this stage including the embryo’s brain, and spinal cord. Well, keep it up as well, you are almost at the mid-stage of your first trimester.

I am 6 weeks pregnant when am I due?

Most people believe that this week, you might start feeling a range of emotions which is normal so surround yourself with people full of love. Your embryo is growing tremendously at this stage too to form the head, ears, and brain. So what’s your due date? Why not find out?

I am 7 weeks pregnant when am I due?

Continual development of the head is taking place at this stage. Your embryo will begin to form the eyes and the inner ears with your bump slightly shooting out. At such a delicate stage, we hope you’ve made appointments with doctors and medical professionals for checkups and medications. At week seven, what is your due date? Here it is! 

I am 8 weeks pregnant when am I due?

An end to the second month! Congratulations. At this stage, your baby is rapidly developing and your belly might be slightly forming.

You may experience physical symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and breast tenderness but do well to take good care of yourself. If you are 7 months away, your due date is below. 

I am 9 weeks pregnant when am I due?

Cheers to the beginning of the last month of the first trimester. Your baby’s head is more refined at this point and the arms and legs are starting to form and take shape but are not fully developed yet. The organs are also beginning to develop. 

You may still be experiencing symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue, and breast tenderness. It’s vital to continue receiving regular prenatal care, which may include a prenatal appointment with your healthcare provider to monitor your baby’s growth and development.

Here’s an answer to the question asked in week four

People always wonder why they are four weeks pregnant when they conceived two weeks ago. 

The straight reply to that is that pregnancies are calculated from the last menstrual period (LMP). You can find out more in our previous post on the When I Got Pregnant Calculator.